Hi! I'm Kristin

My name is Kristin Jones Shapiro and I am mom to the beautiful Emily. I live in Las Vegas and have been married to my dream man for over twenty years. Besides Emily, I have a wonderful son, who also owns a piece of my heart. God has blessed my life with so many wonderful things and I am grateful to be able to share this blog with my favorite girl and you!

We are starting this blog because we love fashion and love so many of the same things. This is why we feel fashion is timeless and should not be looked at as age specific but as a representation of who you are and what you love. Shopping together is one of our favorite things to do...at the mall, online or through other blogs that we follow. Thank you for joining us in our fashion journey. We hope you enjoy our blog and find it useful in creating your own fabulous style!

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Hi! I'm Emily.

Hi, I'm Emily.  I am a dancer at the Academy of Nevada Ballet Theater.   I am 14 years old and currently go to school at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts.  I love my family and my relationship with God.  God has brought me closer with my family especially with my mom.  My mom and I have an amazing relationship and we are best friends.  

One of my hobbies is photography (however if you ask me about exposure,lighting,etc then I will not have any clue what you're talking about). I love to dance, I mainly like ballet however, I like Contemporary, Jazz, and Character.  Also, fashion and makeup are my life. I may not be the best at makeup but, it is very fun.  I love shopping!  Especially with my mamma.  I mean who likes shopping alone? 

Anyways, look at our blog, I hope you enjoy it!

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