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Happy Mother's Day!

Last week we all came together for a weekend full of movies, ballet and to celebrate Mother's Day. Bryce is now back at school in Utah but having last weekend together made us all so very happy (especially his momma)! For Kristin, being a mom to these two angels from heaven has been a journey worth traveling. There have been ups and downs (and we are sure there are more to come), but God has blessed our family and we hold it dear to our hearts every single day.

Mother's Day means spending time together and honoring all the moms who give selflessly of themselves out of love for their families. We have two special Moms/Grandmas that fit that description perfectly, and we want to share those fabulous women with you.

Diane Shapiro is Mr. Tee4Two's mom and so strong and giving. She has persevered through breast cancer, broken hips and raising 3 boys! She loves to dance, travel and is generous to a fault. She gives her family so much love and we are blessed that she lives close to us here in Las Vegas. We are beyond grateful to have her in our lives.

Joyce Jones is Kristin's mom and she is as beautiful inside as she is out. She also has persevered through breast cancer, a broken hip and raising 6 kids (although that job is never finished, right?)! She is the grandma who sits on the floor for hours playing with her grandchildren and will use the garbage can as a drum should the need arise. She is the kindest person in the world with a soft heart and a beautiful smile. She is a caregiver now to Kristin's dad who has Alzheimer's and we pray for her strength everyday. We cannot imagine life without her.

We have so many special moms in our lives: aunts, cousin, sisters, sisters-in-law and friends. We want to wish all of them the most wonderful Mother's Day. There three more very special moms we want to give a shout out to because, well, they are awesome! Kim, Keri and Kelli are Kristin's sisters and amazing mothers. Happy Mother's Day Jones' Sisters! We love you!!!

As you honor your mom, your grandmother and the mother of your children this year, remember, celebrate hard, because life is short and a mom's love is endless. Happy Mother's Day!


Kristin and Emily


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