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In the Dressing Room with Forever 21

The beginning of February means spring clothes are in full force with retailers and an array of bright spring colors hit our faces when we walked into Forever 21. Most noticeable was the bright yellows, reds and blues that drew us in and made us feel like winter was a distant memory. Of course, we live in Las Vegas and it is 60 degrees outside almost every day right now. A pair of bright blue overalls were grabbed and then it began…we ended up in the dressing room with more items than we were allowed to carry in and the outfit try-ons began.

First, let's talk about the overalls that Emily has been dying to add to her wardrobe. The overalls are slim fitting but comfortable and a definite must. We tried these with both a long sleeve yellow shirt and a short sleeve ribbed sweater, which became the outfit maker that came home with us! We vibed with the silhouette the sweater made with the overalls.

A cute, comfy dress is on everyone's list of must haves and we grabbed this cute heather gray t-shirt dress (on sale!) and paired it with a distressed jean jacket. We loved this look and thought it was on trend for spring plus this jacket would look amazing with just about anything! Next, we moved on to more overalls but this time we paired this denim overall mini dress with a short sleeve "Bonjour" tee that had Emily practicing her French. Both of these outfits are trending and great for spring but we held out for this last one.

Our love of neutrals runs deep and this outfit gives us all the feels! We paired this button front min denim skirt in a luscious pink with a lightweight hooded top and a denim jacket that Emily has been looking for her whole life. The skirt may be mini but for Emily's 5'5" frame it is school approved. The top is a loose but not too flowy fit and the jacket is cropped in just the right place. This outfit was in our bag in an instant!

There were so many more things that caught our eye and we decided another trip back to Forever 21 is a must-do for spring. We are so happy with our choices and CANNOT wait to throw on some converse and wear our outfits out on the town!

That is all for now.


Kristin and Emily


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