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OREO Cookie Bark

So, you have lots of peeps coming over and you want some kind of yummy treat to share. Homemade is always better and easy homemade is the best. Enter OREO Cookie Bark. This is so easy and will serve so many it really is a no-brainer!

馃摲Prep Time: 15 minutes tops

馃摲Cook Time: 2 minutes (per chocolate)

馃摲Servings: 24


路 12 oz chocolate almond bark

路 12 oz vanilla almond bark

路 18 OREO cookies crumbled (not crushed)


1. Melt chocolate and vanilla in separate bowls according to instructions on packet (I usually melt in microwave starting at 45 seconds then additional 20 seconds until fully melted, stirring at each interval)

2. Stir 陆 of the crushed OREO鈥檚 into melted chocolate and 陆 into melted vanilla

3. Place parchment paper on large cookie sheet and drop the chocolate and vanilla by spoonful鈥檚 onto sheet in a rotation.

4. Use a table knife to spread out the chocolate and vanilla mixture giving it a marble affect.

5. Let cool until hard then break into cookie sized, random pieces. YUM!

What could go wrong when you mix chocolate and OREO鈥檚? Nothing! Happy game day!!!


Kristin and Emily


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