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THE Anniversary Sale...Nordstrom

Highlight of the day? Getting the Nordstrom Anniversay Sale flier in the mail. Second highlight, looking through it and picking out ALL of the things we want, need and must have in our closet. Insiders get early access starting July 12 through July 18 and then it is every one's ballgame through August 4th! You can find all the details here. If you are shopping as an insider on the 12th, access is granted at 9:30am PST.

TIPS: Shop as soon as you can, order more than one size if in doubt (free shipping and free returns so why not) and if you have to think about it, it may not be there in your size when you go back to grab it. Yes, it is that crazy but if you think that there is something that is just perfect for fall, this sale is the time to buy. Personally, we like to pick a couple of key pieces that we know we will wear over and over again. That being said, we will probably order more than a couple of pieces because sometimes the things we think are a sure thing are a complete no once we get it and things we think are maybes become the best loved pieces. Yes, buyer's regret is real but with Nordstrom, returns are so easy that it really isn't necessary. Keep only what you really love and what you know will give you all the feels every time you wear it.

Things we love to grab are staple items like denim. BUT we also like to bring in a couple of statement pieces like hmmmm something in animal print! A really good bag is a great one and done piece because, we fully believe if you invest in a good bag it will last you for years.

Since we are neither icons or ambassadors, we will not be able to buy ahead and provide recommendations but there are a whole host of other bloggers that will be able to give you great intel and one of our favs is The Motherchic. However, we do want to let you know what is calling to us from our flier, so here goes:

With our love for Madewell, these plaid pants are Kristin's dream. We think wide leg is here to stay for a while AND plaid.

Kristin also is loving the BP leopard sweater shown above and Emily thinks those black Topshop jeans should be in our closet. Topshop's purple sweater at the top of the page is probably in our top five and we are very interested in that Boss brand suit for Mr. Tee. Not sure if we can get him on board but $300 off means everybody IS crazy about a sharp dressed man.

Finally, we are loving an ankle Ugg boot that we hear will be $50 off and what is not to love with this Weekend wear? Do you see that Madewell cardigan? Do we love Madewell too much? Emily is eyeing those red Vans but we are not yet sure if that is part of the sale. Fingers crossed!

We are by no means pros at this sale but we wanted to share as much info as we could find to help you navigate through things that you want. If you didn't click on the link above, more info plus an online flier for the Anniversary Sale can be found here. The Motherchic's tips can be linked here.

Happy Shopping!


Kristin and Emily


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