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The Ugg Sandals you need in your closet...now!

Clearly, we cannot say enough about these Ugg Braelynn sandals and, yes, we might be a tiny bit obsessed with, well, everything about these beauties. We can't help it...these sandals are the definition of perfection and we wanted to share again just how awesome they really are and why. First, sport sandals are all the rage but, if you are like us, sandals can't just be trendy, they must be comfortable, too. Well, let us introduce you to the most comfortable sandal you will wear this summer, meet the Ugg Braelynn Flatform Sandal. The bonus part is that they ARE trendy, they ARE cute and they DO command attention. We cannot go out of the house with these on our feet without a compliment, a where did you get those and even some oohing and aahing! REALLY! Did we mention light as air? Absolutely! Perhaps because there just might be some memory foam involved. :)

Link through the Nordstrom website for the black, pink and white ones here and to the rose gold ones here...one in every color, please!!! We completely understand that these sandals are a total splurge but you will wear them every day with shorts, or jeans or a dress or just about anything in your closet. These are a great way to spend those Nordstrom gift cards you received for your birthday or for Mother's Day or for graduation...

We 100% recommend these sandals. Your feet will love you and us!


Kristin and Emily


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