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The White Jean You Want In Your Closet

The white jean trend is in full force and pairing it with neutrals is all the rage but, how many feel the struggle is real when it comes to finding the right pair of white jeans? Hi, this is Kristin from Tee4Two and this blog is solely based on my opinion since Emily is 14 and looks, well awesome, in any pair of white jeans she wears. I wanted to give some insight to women my age who are a little bit afraid of wearing white jeans without a long tunic or parka! I will be 50 soon (I did not think I could actually put that on paper) and these jeans are the best birthday present for any girl of any age!

The problems I have with white jeans are many-fold, sadness. I see an awesome pair online that looks so amazing on the 18 year-old model and joyfully hit add to cart. However, once I rip open the package, shove my legs into the jeans and look in the mirror I realize that I am only 5'3" AND I am old enough to be the model's mother. Well, of course, they do not look the same on me. Whether it is sheerness, lack of a true front pocket, not enough stretch, too much stretch, bunching where we DO NOT want bunching, whatever it may be, white jeans are very unforgiving and will highlight, hmmm, let's just say everything. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes deserve a great pair of white jeans, right? So here is one blogger's opinion on white jeans and the best pair I have ever owned.

First, I want real pockets in the front! I do like my jeans skinny, even close to a jegging, which usually means faux front pockets (most likely because you might see the pockets through the fabric). Which brings me to my second issue, sheerness. I wear white or nude underwear with my white jeans but so many times I can still see my panties and I won't even go to a place called thong underwear. I want my white jeans thick enough to allow me to wear my desired choice of panties but still stretchy and comfortable enough to move around in all day. Being a legging lover, I struggle anyway thinking I can't unload the dishwasher with jeans on...I digress. Finally, and this is a personal observance, I do not like my white jeans to highlight every insecurity I have as I walk away from the mirror. Please, lift and sculpt but don't tell me that I have to have jeans that lift and sculpt by putting that in the name. Wow, I really want a lot from my white jeans!

Anyway, enter the Madewell 9" high rise skinny jeans in Pure White. If I had sound affects it would be like angels singing as soon as you click through online to these jeans. Yes, these jeans are skinny but have actual front pockets, are NOT sheer (yay! I can wear my panties), and have the perfect amount of stretch to make them comfortable enough that I can put that fork in the dishwasher! Plus, even though the description mentions magic pockets, the name of the jeans do not scream sculpt at me in a "you are getting old and need lifting jeans" kind of way. Bonus, I know they are cool because Emily loves these jeans and would wear them if she could find them! I am so in love with these jeans that I want to buy them a Valentine's Day Card. Perhaps that sounds ridiculous but I think most of you know how it feels to find THE perfect pair of jeans!

I have found that these jeans fit true to size. I usually wear a 24 and I wear a 24 in these. I like the 9" high rise, meaning they sit right below my belly button. I do have to cuff the ankles if wearing booties, but if I have on sneaks, flip flops or sandals I do not have to at all. As I mentioned before, I am 5'3" so I usually find petite jeans to be a little too short and since we are in an era of ankle jeans, I am typically accommodated by the regular length.

I hope this is beneficial in your hunt for the perfect pair of white jeans and that my ramblings have not been off the charts boring or obnoxious or even offensive. All of us struggle with insecurities in life and I wanted to share this blog for those who understand the universal desire (whether admittedly or not) to look good in your jeans. Honestly, I have been looking for these jeans for so long now and am beyond happy to have finally found them! Thank you Madewell!!!



P.S. I realize these are at a higher price point than many other brands so I will keep my eye out for any sales on these babies!


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