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What Easter Means to Us

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts, chocolate and the Easter bunny...we have done and loved all of it! Plus, you are never too old for an Easter basket and chocolate, right? We love the fun, the time spent with family and watching our fur babies try to figure out how to open the plastic Easter egg to get the treat. Which, by the way, has never happened without a little help from a two legged assistant!

For us, however, Easter has a deeper meaning, which has become the most important part of our celebration on this spring holiday. For the second year in a row, we will be spending our Easter Sunday at Central Church celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. It is a glorious day to worship, reflect and celebrate all that God has done in our lives. For us, Jesus is the meaning of Easter.

We wish you the happiest of days today and hope that, however you celebrate, you are surrounded by love and TONS of chocolate!!!


Kristin and Emily

"He is not here, but is risen" (Luke 24:6)


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